June 18, 2024

I ran across a blog post from a lady on Twitter. At first it was case of deja vu. She described the church that her family had visited for many years. According to her side of the story the greeters as well as the church itself always treated her and her family as visitors. She also explained that she had words with the pastor and was totally rejected, and she was subject to abuse. Thus, she proclaimed that many Christians were hypocrites.

Deconstruction of the Church

I tried explaining to her that it was her right to speak up, and that in no way was her experience applicable to all churches, or Christians.

Did I make waves? Probably not. Those that reject the church, or Christianity are pretty solid on their stance. Especially when they start in on the violent history of the Bible, and how hypocritical all Christians seem to be.

I find it amazing that people keep pointing at the amount of violence within the Bible as their reason to disown their (or our) Christianity. They simply base their ideas that Christians are mean killers as well hypocrites.

What they fail to do is read the Bible in it’s entirely. Bible readers know there is bloodshed in the Bible, and nothing has really changed. But it comes from both sides doesn’t it? And the cause, which many obviously fail to understand is that two people that God created decided to do it their own way.

It’s really sad that the deconstructing people forget the fourth chapter of Genesis, where Cain slew Abel out of jealousy. They seem to focus on the mass killings later on, blaming it all on God.

Reading all the conflicts within the pages of the Bible, and then seeing all the conflicts in the world today do we really expect a blood-less Christianity? How about a blood-less history?

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