May 15, 2024

I can’t say for sure, because I am not that old, but there used to be a time in our history when our personal lives were only personal. That is, they were quiet, not open to the public’s ears, eyes, or thoughts.

But of course, all that has changed during the recent years. There’s been a big push for everything to come out of the closet. All manner of lifestyles, speeches, beings, etc.

As a Christian, I am still learning a lot about my walk with the Lord. Even though I’ve faced both the hills and valleys of both my faith and my life, that has never stopped the learning and the too often slow growing of my faith. I find myself barely crawling sometimes, and when I am worshipping, I feel like I am flying in the wind.

One of the things I’ve learned is that Jesus accepts us just as we are when we come to Him. That’s the case when you are a newborn babe in Christ, and even when you have been with Him for several years.

But I’ve also learned that Jesus knows the state of the heart.. our hearts. He knows when we are right, and when we are wrong. And that goes for everyone, not just Christians.

In other words, He knows when we are weak, and when we are strong. God knows those who are His, and those that are not. He calls everyone to Himself, but He knows that many of us will fall away from the faith. Some of those that fall get back up. Some never find themselves standing again.

What I commonly refer to as homosexuals, because in reality that’s what the community is all about. I’ve had run ins, and even a few friends and relatives that are/were gay. I’ve only been able to reach out to one of them because the Lord has separated me from the rest.

These are relatively quiet people. Let’s just say the ones that know, know… and the one’s that don’t.. don’t.
Many people, that includes Christians as well, choose to lead quiet lives. Really not making waves, but rather working quietly “behind the scenes.” After all, you have to realize that those waves on the beach didn’t start out as waves.

Anyways, recently, according to the media there has been a big push of the homosexual community to make themselves appear in the public’s eyes. While I know there are both radical and conservative sides to homosexuals, the push has seemingly only been focused on the radicals. For some reason they are either pushing for acceptance, or to be seen.

Sometimes I think that society has gone too far. Eventually it may just implode on itself with everything that it’s doing, and the way that it’s acting.

There are so few Christians left it seems. Many have caved into pressures from the outside. Imagine if you will, the fact that there really hasn’t been a push from the Christians throughout all the gay risings recently. That is.. it’s not the Christians that have been speaking out, at least not by name. I did see on social media that a whole lot of Christians actually marched in unity in one city. Blessedly displaying their faith. I reviewed the very short clip and noticed there were mostly youth with an older person here and there. The gathering was a large one.

As a Christian who is only saved by both love and acceptance I can understand both sides. Christians want the love of God and Christ to be accepted on a worldwide basis. Homosexuals want their choices to be accepted on a worldwide level.

In my youth I was denounced for the explicitness of my chosen words when it came to describing the gay lifestyle. I not only choose facts from my experiences with porn, but the imaginations of my mind: something that many people are familiar with.

Many on both sides said I went just too far. But when it comes to the sins of the flesh, there is really no set boundaries. As a former pornographer I can say that sin is something that is exactly like drug-use… the more you do it, the more it swallows you up. That goes for any and all types of sexual sins.

Even the most outlandish, outgoing person in the world will tell you that there are limits to our humanity. That’s why we often fail in this thing called life (and faith). We get things wrong, and we get things right. That’s one of the reasons why religion exists: to set a path in front of us where we have the assurance of grace and the love of two supreme beings (Jesus and God, or God and Jesus) to guide us.

While God is all authoritative, Jesus is all encompassing.

You really can’t separate the two. I’d like to think in terms that while God made the rules, Jesus was there to make sure we could follow them without fear of eternal condemnation. Both love people enough to sacrifice everything they had!

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