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While browsing tweets this evening I came across an interesting quote/topic:

For the ones who don’t know.. this is the definition of incredulity:


  1. the state of being unwilling or unable to believe something.
    “he stared down the street in incredulity”
    disbelief · incredulousness · lack of belief · unbelief · lack of credence · doubt · doubtfulness · dubiety · dubiousness · lack of conviction · distrust · mistrust · suspicion · questioning · lack of trust · cynicism · scepticism · wariness · chariness

 To those in the world of course, the talk or mentions of demons can sometimes bring either a blank stare, or in the case of the uneducated, rather ignorant Christian, the mention of demons gets no response. However the New Testament is scripturally full of demons; Jesus Himself encountered them, as did His Disciples. In one instance Jesus encountered a man who had a Legion of demons.
According to Wikipedia.org   “Legions could contain as many as 11,000 fighting men when including the auxiliaries.”

The fact that one could, and can, deny that demons exist is not a sufficient argument. Any Christian who believes in Jesus and everything that He did and does for us, point to the fact that demons do exist. For those deep into the ministry of Jesus Christ, when we are on fire for the Lord, doing His will in our lives, demons are not merely something we encounter on a whim… they tend to bother us to no end, especially in the midst of ministry. We do, however have the power through the Holy Spirit to silence them once we encounter them!

Demonic activity comes in many forms.. it sometimes takes up a physical form (Mark 5:6-13, Acts 16:16-18).. a demon can be in the form of a pill, a disease, a “voice”, or even an image. There are many, many different types of demons, just as there are many many types of God’s helpers (some may be referred to as angels). However a demon itself cannot be an actual person, but it can infest a person to the point that we can be deceived into believing that we are dealing with the person, rather than a demon, or demons in a person.

It’s important for the knowing Christian to be full of and lead by the Holy Spirit, so as to be discerning about demonic activities.

We will forever be at war with the forces of hell, and the war will grow with intensity in these last days as the final coming of the Lord grows closer. So it’s highly important for the Christian to suit up with the full armor of God so as to avoid and even deflect the arrows of the enemy.

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