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Keep in mind that slander is a use of the tongue.. which is a weapon. If you use your tongue as a weapon towards anyone: a brother, a sister, or anyone else.. you WILL stand in front of God! Your garments will NOT be white on that day!

You will have broken the greatest commandment of all!

Love each other, as God has loved you! (John 13:34) Also For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: (Matthew 6:14.)

Even if you are a Christian, and God has forgiven you.. YOU are under God’s covering, which God can and WILL remove if you continue to slander/slaughter one another. (Hebrews 10:26)

Don’t grumble against God because you are unhappy with what a person has said or done against you. Don’t use profanity in any situation. If a person grumbles/uses profanity towards you that means that BOTH of you are being tested!

Using slander means that the power of the Holy Spirit has left you. Again.. if you slander anyone.. either when they are present, or not.. you WILL be under judgement.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Profane The Name!!!

  1. Ed, thanks for the invite.
    I definitely agree that using profanity is not expected behavior from one who follows Christ. In regards to having God’s “covering” removed… or the Holy Spirit leaving as a result… I am not sure I am in 100% agreement. I guess I lean toward believing that God is a God of grace and will continue to use the Holy Spirit to make those course corrections in my life. I likely will never clean up all of my faults and failures this side of heaven, but with His presence in my life, I have been made new and He sees beyond those failings while still working through me to improve them.

    If I misunderstood your post, my apologies.

    1. Hi Ryan! Thanks for looking me up! No, you are correct in your thoughts. But there are still some Christians who throw curses at other people, or their life’s situation, thereby imitating the world. I just keep praying the Holy Spirit keeps leading them closer to Christ!

  2. Hey Ed! I too, thank you for the invite. It has just taken me awhile to get here. I’m a slow typist. 🙂 I tend to agree with Ryan. While I do not believe profanity is what a Christ-follower should use, I am not sure it causes God’s covering to be erased. I also believe in a God of grace who will forgive.

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