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It’s not always easy being a Christian!
That’s not true actually.. it’s very easy to be a Christian.
All you have to do is love God.

But to be consumed by God… that’s a whole ‘nother story.
To be consumed by God means that God is pouring out of your body.
Kind of like a cup, bowl, or pitcher that is totally filled up.
And yet the water keeps on flowing and pouring.

It’s rising up in the morning and thanking God and praising God, and worshiping God.
It’s being on fire for the Lord 24/7/365.
It’s a force of nature that is bridling you to everyone you see.. just so you can tell them all
about God.
You just never stop.
You keep on telling people about God’s love, God’s mercy, God’s direction, God’s warnings.
You keep thinking about God day in and day out. You dream about God. God is in every breath that you take, because He is in every breath that you take!
God is in your eye. He is in everything you see, taste, feel.
You just can’t get enough of God!
You talk to God even in front of others. They might say you’re crazy, but they don’t know God like you know God.
You know that God is alive. He is definitely not dead. He is the Living God.
There is no other God like our God!
You can’t sit still, because He is God!

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