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Always look in the mirror before you look at anyone else. You are the PERFECT image of what and who God wants you to be.. so why follow anyone else? Why listen to their distracting voices? Your life, and where God is leading you is not their concern! 1 Corinthians 11:1,

No doubt, we all have access to the perfect role model, or models, in our lives. The movie and tv screens, and the media plunder our eyes and ears with them every day.

But these people, and many others are not perfect. They all have defects, and if we compare ourselves to what we view, we take away what makes us unique. As individuals we aren’t meant to follow the crowd. Unless the crowd follows Christ, they will be lost.

Should we, as Christians… follow music leaders, performers, political figures, etc… These people are all flawed in some way. Even well known Christians in the media/arts are really unfit to follow.

We only see the outside. Basically it’s what they want us to see. But behind closed doors it’s always a different story.

The long held reality is real.. both men and women take after their idols, or whomever they will.. they follow their every move. It borders on obsession.

But we have the exact opposite too.. we tend to take to heart what others say about us. If we hear the words “you are too fat”, “you are too ugly” “you need to fix your teeth” etc… this can have an ill effect on most of us. While we do have the ability to change, it simply may not be our time to do so. But the time will come!

In the mean while.. God wants you to know that there is a beautiful strong lion within you that is going to be born, or there is a beautiful swan
underneath all those plumy feathers!

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