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She heard a voice whisper in her ear.. she knew who called her name..
She turned and in a moments time.. her world was not the same..
A light shone bright from above and singing filled her ears..
All worry was gone, no sadness, no crying, no more earthly fears..
Before her was a city.. with gates of pearl so white..
And from the gates was walking the everlasting light..
The light of the world, KING JESUS
Smiled and said my Child “Well Done”..
and together they walked through the pearly gates to a city brighter than the sun.
The glory of the Lord was on brilliant display…
She had made it to her heavenly home and Earth now was far away.
She turned to look one last time at those she loved so dear, and whispered to them
“I LOVE YOU, I’m with Jesus .. Have no fear..”
We will meet again on that day that Jesus calls to you…
But until then remember that my Love for you is true.
I will be right here with Jesus and those who have gone before…
we are not gone forever but living just inside of Heavens door.
In loving memory of my sister in law
Ellen Mckee…

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