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“Those fateful minutes — and an hour in which the police took cover outside the classroom, apparently seeking to negotiate with an active shooter — have become the focal point of questions from parents and law enforcement experts.”

Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool. Isaiah 1:18 KJV

As sad as the loss of the young lives are at Uvalde, the one thing I am concerned about is the fact that law enforcement still assumes that they can, and should, negotiate with terrorists.
Sometimes, quite frankly, there is no negotiating with a mad man.

I am aware that there were hostages present, and for the safety of those hostages there needed to be some sort of peace-making attempt. But keeping the peace should be done swiftly. The fact that the police “took their time” in penetrating the situation, once again, means that any such attempt would have failed.

I’m afraid that if the sword does not fall quickly enough, the USA will fall and produce (perhaps it has already fallen? Duh!) into the same situations that has become the status quo of almost every county in the world. Peace and security are never guaranteed. (Unless of course, you wholeheartedly believe in Jesus Christ!)

I still stand with the 2nd Amendment, but I’m not certain how it applies in our time. “The right to bear arms” by one definition simply means the right to carry a firearm, not the right to shoot at anything that is not a danger to you. According to one source: “The first state Declaration of Rights to use the term “bear Arms” was that of Pennsylvania in 1776: “that the people have a right to bear Arms in defense of themselves and the state.” You will notice that it does not involve anything about being used as an offense.. meaning that it doesn’t allow for people to go out and shoot something that is not endangering their lives.

Are innocent children endangering our lives? Notice that it’s always school children who are involved.. Places of learning, people of learning. You rarely hear of assaults on police stations or military bases. I can only imagine dozens of reasons why… first and foremost, prayer has been taken out of the schools. The cowardice of the attacker. The innocence of children.

Are the victims always Christians? It’s heartbreaking and yet enlightening that you hear about the victims who become human shields, no matter what the cost. But the fact remains that not all these children will grow up to be believers.. some (hopefully not), will become the devil’s advocate, repeating the gunman’s plan at some point in their lives.

Still, there are no right sides to the dilemma of gun control. We can become a Communist nation at any time.. losing our 2nd amendment rights at any time, along with much more.

Doubtless, until an answer is accepted by all, the one truth will always remain: we will assuredly face this again in the very near future. Especially if the state of the nation keeps eroding.

The Challenge

So what can we do? I don’t really have an answer to that except that we need to Thank God every morning we are able to see the light of day! Of course as Christians, we need to first repent for any sins we have. Naturally if we don’t we face something greater than death. We also need to pray for God to intervene in the thoughts and actions of the enemy. He’s done it before many times throughout the Bible. We also need to pray for our leaders.. sound minds need to come together and not be divided concerning gun control.

What are your ideas and thoughts?

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