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If you’re a Christian in the HOT oven and want to get out remember: there is no getting out for a Christian.

Joseph didn’t want to get out.. He was in it for the long haul. Yes, he was a prisoner for probably many years, and he was probably a servant to the king for many years still, but Joseph accepted that it was God who chose this path for him, and who was he to tell God no?

Even Jonah didn’t want to be in it… He ran when God told him to go witness to the little town.. He eventually got swallowed up by a whale… He didn’t have it easy then either.. imagine being constantly barraged by salty sea water AND all that sea life that whales swallow?

And what about Meshach, Abednego, and Shadrach.. they didn’t get burned, but they sure were in the uncomfortable fire for a long time!
And yet there was a fourth man in the fire with them!
Imagine that!
Jesus was in there with them!
How could you possibly want to leave the presence of the Lord?

Our thoughts are always on the exit when we are faced with the things in life that we don’t want to face.
Psychologists call it “Flee or Fight”
But Jesus…
When you get grabbed by the Holy Spirit.. I mean come on! You are in the presence of God when you are in the fire!
You never flee.. and truthfully, you never fight the fire do you?
That’s when you are supposed to feel Him the strongest!

For those who are truly called by God to be His children.. His witnesses.. Let me explain the obvious.. you aren’t getting out.
In fact, if and when you do happen to jump out of the fire (again highly improbable), you will only likely be dumped back into the next fire.. and it WILL be hotter!

In short.. don’t be anxious to get out of the fire. Because God is doing His best work in you and those around you.

To want to be finished with it when God is not finished.. is to be left undone.

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