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What can you say about Good Friday? Jesus spoke of how he would be betrayed by his best friend, crucified and how three days later would rise again. Many that surrounded Him at the dinner table didn’t realize that His death was so near. Not even His closest friends. Yet only a short time later, one would raise the sword against another and cut off His ear. The Jesus Revolution never did start with a physical sword, but it did start with a single man piercing the hearts of many with the Truth!

Mary and Peter’s encounter with an empty grave sent chill up their spines.. both probably feared the worst – that the body of their Lord had been stolen. But Jesus had clearly been risen.. as announced by the angel, and soon after Jesus appeared before Mary and later the disciples in the upper room. Only one disciple did not readily believe.. until Jesus instructed him to touch his wounds.

I’m struck with the wonder, and the excitement of it all. Jesus HAD conquered not only hell, but the grave as well. He fully proved that He was who He said He was.. His family and friends received the brother who was alive.

Even though the Bible doesn’t say it, there was probably a huge party in the neighborhood that very night.

And even today, Jesus is still revealing Himself to those who believe. His Holy Spirit flows through the earth, encountering people of all walks of life – from the lowest to the highest.
That’s the thing about Jesus.. whenever and wherever He is.. their is hope and joy.. no more sorrow, no more pain. He truly gives us everything we need to walk, run, and even to fly. He gives us strength to live again and push forward. Daily He wipes away the grime, and the tears from our eyes.

We really need to rejoice… Not only because of what He did for us, but because He lives!

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