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I just finished Season 7 on Netflix and thought that was the end of the series, at least that’s what the end of the episode felt like. I can’t believe it’s going on Season 9! I still can’t believe that The Arrow was killed off at the end of its own series. Of course, I can’t remember since it’s been a while since I watched it. I do remember that it was Batman who was killed off in the Comics, Not Green Arrow, of course I don’t follow GA in the Comics.
I do know that The Flash was supposed to have vanished forever into the Speed Force. i.e The Flash vanishes into a Back to the Future after battling His enemy by trying to change his own past, which of course affects his future.
Interesting fact: The original comic book story line was published from April 1985 to March 1986, and like it’s TV series had multiple crossover events that included many other characters. However it didn’t have any guest appearances by Batman, who died somewhere in the past, but was “resurrected” much later after battling one of the major victims. However the TV series did have appearanced by Batwoman, who ended up having it’s own fabulous TV series.. but not on Netflix, and unfortunately it’s own available on Amazon as PPV. (BOO! 🙁 )
It’s interesting as a Christian point of view. Despite having been “Born Again” these heroes have a second chance at getting it right the second time. Yet they end up sacrificing so much and in the end the second time doesn’t always work out so great because they end up screwing it up again and again (the timeline keeps changing because of a very minor change they make by going back to the past in order to change the inevitable future.)
So we can’t change our past, our old ways. It’s history and because they are gone away as far as the flesh is concerned, our past mistakes don’t matter anymore. Our past mistakes builds our future character however, and the wise man doesn’t repeat the same in the present (or the future), because they know it won’t just affect their future, but the possible future of all those concerned in their circle, sometimes not for the best.

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