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If God left us alone… If He didn’t challenge us, or put our hearts through the fire, then we would not be refined enough to be of any use to God. God holds the reigns of our course in His guiding hands, He steers us away from the destruction of the soul and makes us charge headfirst into the fiercest of battles. God alone is victorious in the end, and we, like the steed He rides on, are faithful to follow every pull of His hands. God not only purifies us in the fire, melting all the dross away, but He constantly hammers us into a sharpened two-edge sword, the likes of which His enemies will never stand against, but will fall down every single time. His steed strains every fiber of their being, every muscle to do God’s bidding, because that’s what they have been born and trained to do. We trust in God because He is our Righteousness and Our Triumph, Our Shield, Our Defense!

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