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Before heading to the gym tonight I was passing out some Christian tracts at Walmart. I usually just leave them on the cars in the parking lot without bothering anyone.
It was an interesting night. Apparently someone decided to come and serenade the customers with their fiddle playing.. through the amplifier I gather. There were also the local “homeless” people at the entrance to the shopping mall. I doubt they are truly homeless as they seem to have a car, lawn chairs, a radio and food.
I had planned on leaving just as many tracts as I grabbed, about 5-10. But as I approached my second car I heard someone knocking on the window, grabbing my attention. He simply waved me away, not even knowing  what I was doing.
It wasn’t a terrible thing, it was just one obviously person whom did not know what was truly being offered to him. Yet I know that he is one of many who will deny any appearance of the truth, and yet I thought about the scriptures (Matthew 11:21-24) especially verse 21.. how terrible it will be for those who reject Christ!


God loves people, regardless of whether they accept Him or deny Him. I actually believe that there are few who accept Him simply because they don’t know Him. (But everybody loves Jesus, right?) I mean, who doesn’t love someone who is all love all the time? But these days that’s all they know about Him. They don’t even care to talk about Jesus in public… preferring to play the sad sounding violin. (It wasn’t like he was playing a fiddle.. everybody knows what a fiddle sounds like).

If everybody knew who Jesus was, I would think that they would be shouting Him name everywhere.. yet everybody seems to be quiet, a very dim witness to the glory of God.

I pray this world wakes up before it’s too late… and at this late hour!

2 thoughts on “Witness Now!

  1. Thank God someone is still passing out tracts, I know people that got saved because someone gave them a tract. There is a small mall in a town about 30 miles from us. One day I seen a man sitting with his bible and a sign. His sign said something like…Got questions about the bible, sit down and lets talk about it. I walk on to the store and when I came out there was a young man sitting there talking to the man with the sign.

    I thought, I want to try that. Just last week I was in the same mall and they have taken all the seats that were in the middle part of the mall, no where to sit now. That was discouraging. But then I thought I could still stand and talk to someone with my sign. I say again Ed, thank you for passing out tracts. I pray God use them to witness to someone. Blessings.

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