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Isaiah 55:8-10 KJV For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

It’s completely normal how often we make plans to do this and that in our lives. Some of us work so hard to achieve some sort of final resolution and complete them. Some of us are on the opposite end… we make resolutions and never come quite close. Some of us dream big, some don’t dream at all. We all face roadblocks, and some either hurdle over them, or some stumble hard, and fall.

As Christians, we do well to read and recall the words of Isaiah (or the Lord’s words actually). There is so much wisdom and truth, and even life in those three sentences.

A long time ago I had some a coming to moment with the Lord. I was in grief over what I thought was adultery, and thought that I had come too far.
Little did I know that even though I was a professed Christian for well over 20 years.. THAT was the moment everything changed for me.
I’m so thankful that the Lord’s promise is so true.. He is not easily angered, and He is merciful! And most of all.. God is, and has been, in for the long run with His creation!

It reminds me of the cracked vessel… God created that cracked vessel, and it serves its purpose well. So many people look upon it as waste.. they even decide to throw it away. Yet when God sets His eyes on that vessel He sees the good in it.

That doesn’t mean that my life will always spill over into soil. Unfortunately it seems to hit concrete way too often. But even God can pulverize concrete!

God never throws a cracked vessel away!

So many implications there. We tend to throw away things that are seemingly of no good (or use) to us. This isn’t about storing treasures here on earth, because we are cautioned never to do so.
As a matter of fact… there are times that such treasures can be a hindrance to us. Take that from a guy who has a collections of books, movies, and comic books that have yet to be read or seen.

That also hits at the heart though. How many things, thoughts, and feelings do we store up in our hearts? Things that are of no use to us?

My developing relationship with the Lord has been, what has always been, important in my life. Even when I have struggled with my faith, along with the concerns of life.. It is my faith that has been paramount. I’ve been shaken and stirred, and even mixed through (Take that Mr. Bond!)

My past thoughts and ways were probably valid at the time. I wanted to achieve what was normal and quite ordinary. But God obviously had other plans. He wanted to achieve what was not normal.. and quite extra-ordinary. And if you are a hard core believer you know that God’s plans are ALWAYS the best. I may not had struggled the way some other Christians have, and yet I have struggled along with the sheep.

As believers we should always be aware that although we are part of the body of Christ, and we are connected to each other, sometimes… just sometimes God has other plans for us. We might be separated from each other.. sometimes permanently. But God is always the head and the thoughts of every Believer. While the hand and the foot are connected to the same body.. they have different uses.

I’ve learned that while all of us are called to be ministers of God’s Word.. and His work.. He has prepared us in ways that even our own brethren would see as unfit. I’m not talking about judging what we do as wrong. We all do that. But if we really knew what God was doing in everybody’s life.. we would understand God even more!

We really need to understand and dig deep, and understand God even more than we do. That takes time. We didn’t know back then what we know today. And we sure don’t know today what we will learn tomorrow. That is God’s business!

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