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Right now I believe we are living under the hand of God’s anger.
If you read the book of Exodus.. starting at about Chapter 7, that’s when God introduces all the plagues to the land.
Horrendous! Yet the believing Israelites, and all those who marked their doorposts, were spared.
Makes you wonder.. if you are a Christian.
I mean just because so many of us were/are spared the worst of the present day virus doesn’t mean we are spared the effects of it.
Many have gotten sick.. yet many of us who haven’t.. have felt the virus/plague in other ways..
We have been warned to isolate, mask up, get shot up (gross pun intended).. our Food suppliers are cautiously low.
And we are facing a shortage in the workforce (This despite Biden’s statement that America is back to a healthy economy, but I am not going there here).
I’ve thought about the possibility that we are just repeating the same old story historically/Biblically wise.
But maybe we need this.. certaining getting sick and seeing the people we love succumbing to a terrible plague is not easy to go through.
And I wouldn’t desire anyone to go through the anguish of the Covid/Virus.
But God will do what is necessary to revive this nation/His people!

2 thoughts on “Back to The Future?

  1. I guess I am not sure this world can be revived. I am thinking more along the lines He is going to shout soon to bring us believer’s home. Revived or rapture, either one I am ready and will focus on Him as I wait. Good thoughts.

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