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[Jesus continued:] “Now learn a lesson from the fig tree. When its branches bud and its leaves begin to sprout, you know that summer is near. In the same way, when you see all these things, you can know his return is very near, right at the door. I tell you the truth, this generation will not pass from the scene until all these things take place. Heaven and earth will disappear, but my words will never disappear.” — Matthew 24:32-35 NLT

It’s a sad time that we are witnessing. It’s also an awesome time.

It’s a sad time because people are struggling with life right now. We are experiencing hardships all over with the economy, the food shortages and gas prices. We are literally at the point of breaking, and we have been, slowly.. bit by bit, day by day.

There seems to be something going on within our schools.. places where we go to be prepared for the future. Instead we are being gunned down for no apparent reason. One would expect such at a church… perhaps. But in a school?

And where are the Christians in all of this? Columbine was different.. it was a terrible opener to the reality that life is precious, and that people… young people, seek the Lord, and meet Him!
Yet two years later we wake up to the horrific reality of September 11… and the whole nation.. indeed the whole world.. was silent with mourning, and awareness.

Today we are in the middle, or at the very least I’d like to think so, of the whole Wuhan virus. I’d really like to believe that we are at the end of it… but the end of it will really result in the beginning of something bigger, and worse.

But whatever is coming next… we can be assured of by the scriptures that it too will pass… AND THEN we will go home to Jesus???!!!!

I pray so!

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