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I’ve been on a history kick lately. Kinda like time traveling really.
I started an undertaking of digitizing all the family photo albums. I can’t believe what a task that has become.
It’s kinda cool to find (again) memories of those that have passed away many years ago. At the same time it’s also
sad to see memories of those that have recently passed.
And at the same time It’s strange to come across pictures of people that I never even knew.
I’m asking myself if these photographs.. of the people that I didn’t even know.. are even worthy of digitizing.

Something cool about working in Photoshop is that with just a click you can bring back the clarity and color of the old photos.
Something not cool is that it takes an expert to restore the photos with smears and cracks and scratches.

Truthfully, I am the only one that even goes through the old photographs. Much of the older family generations
are obviously not around to reminisce.
I face the same problems that the younger family members will/would face.. the old timers will only be memorable
to them if there were/are any memories of them at all.

I found the following verse when searching for memory in the Bible concordance:
Ecclesiastes 9:5 For the living know that they will die; but the dead do not know anything, nor do they have a reward any longer, for their memory is forgotten.

That’s a strong verse, and thought provoking. While the dead have their reward, it’s a done deal. There is no going back. You are either in heaven or hell.

Psalm 28:4 says Repay them according to their work and according to the evil of their practices; Repay them according to the deeds of their hands; Repay them what they deserve.

It sounds bad.. but there’s always the alternative, right?

Naturally I don’t advocate enjoying your life if you are living a sinful one. But enjoying ourselves righteously is something that we should all strive for, even in the midst of the roughest of times and or trials.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Future

  1. Sometimes I wish I was in a time machine. I would go back to change some of the stupid decisions I have made. But then again it would mess up the time continuum. I also wish sometimes I could go into the future and see what the results of decisions I make now will be. But I can’t do either so I live for today and try to live a Christ-filled and Christ-honoring life.

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