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Every time I head out to the grocery store, or any errands really, I always make it a point to wear a Christian T shirt.
I have three that I am thankful for.
All point to Jesus.
Sometimes, rarely so, I get a much welcomed response from someone that I believe is another witness.
I give them a natural response.. one that is audible not only to them, but any other non-witnesses around.
I don’t really get deep into evangelism though, which is a shame.
I need to do that..
Everybody needs to do that.
Everyone that believes on Him, especially in these days, and nights, needs to do that!
I’m not trying to shine out any other Christians around me.
Nor am I saying I am better.
It used to be back in the day that you would run into other Christians.
What’s happening?
I also need to be more productive in leaving Bible Tracts everywhere more often.
Usually on Car windshield. Hopefully they won’t be blown or wiped away.
I need to remind myself every day and every night, that God is watching us.
He’s watching what Christians do, and what they do not!
He hates the fact that He has to do some digging into our walls, to expose what’s inside.
He’d rather we do that on our own
Shine our lights, and not hide them under a cover.

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