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I’m gonna “come out” and say it.. you cannot, in any way.. change your sex. You cannot go against God’s design and change from a man into a woman, or even a woman into a man. It’s simply not possible. Yes, I am am aware that for men (perhaps women too, IDK) they have had what they call “sex change” operation. But deep down, no matter what you might lead yourself to believe, a male will always be a male.. despite now having “female” parts.

Now I am quite sure that many Christians who have read the Bible realize that one of the commandments in the OT says that a man should not wear women’s clothing, or a woman should not wear man’s clothing. (Deuteronomy 22:5). But it doesn’t stop there.. because the next part of that scripture says that wearing the clothing of the opposite sex is an abomination to God. Yes, you’ve heard it… God will look at people who do that with utter disgust.. NOT favor!

This is coming on the heels of Halloween, which of course, was 16 days ago. Think about that for a bit…

It’s so easy for the one’s who do this to fool themselves.. but you cannot simply fool other people. It may feel good, but like a lot of sin “feeling good” means it’s a flesh thing.. not a God thing. Of course, if you simply “dress the part” you can always repent and go back to being a man.. I can’t say for sure what happens if you have sex-reassignment surgery..

Also, as far as I know.. men may try to “soften” their voices, or even alter their walk… but deep down, again, this is only fooling themselves and others.

For those that either go along with what this evil generation is doing, and do not speak out.. the Bible has a strict warning for you: REPENT!, Otherwise you will be thrown into the pit!

This is truly a perverse and ungodly generation. I am believing that it’s the last generation that we will truly see. Things can only get uglier moving forward. Let’s pray that God sees some light in the darkness.. otherwise He will skip those without oil in their lamps.

Many that are “for” the transgender/gay community may voice their un-adulterated opinion of my opinions. That doesn’t matter to me. Because in the end I will treat you not as a transgender male or female. I won’t even treat you any different if I know who you really are behind the facade. I will still treat you as a human being. (I will admit it though.. Sometimes it’s awfully hard to deceive a blind man.)

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